When it comes to scoring smooth skin, waxing is a popular pick. There are heaps of reasons we promote waxing over shaving, especially for sensitive areas. A professional wax service not only lasts longer, but simply looks and feels better!

At Hollywood Nails we offer both facial and body waxing services. Whether you’re brand new to waxing or a bit of a fanatic, we’d like to go through the best practice to prep for your next appointment.

Prep the Skin

Any form of depilatory service requires some prep to make sure your skin stays comfortable and cared for. Before your next brow wax, be sure to lightly exfoliate and moisturise for the few days leading up to your service. Healthy and hydrated skin allows wax to grab the hair, rather than the skin. The same prep methods should be taken for your bikini area. However, make sure you avoid moisturising the morning of your service, as it could interfere with the grip of the wax.

Let There Be Length (but not too much!)

Timing is everything when it comes to bikini waxing. ½ - 1 cm of regrowth is considered the perfect length for waxing. For most ladies that means waiting 4-6 weeks between appointments. Waxing with any less than that length could cause excess pulling on the skin, causing more harm than good. Waxing with too much regrowth can also cause discomfort, as the wax could cause unnecessary tugging on longer hair. If you’re booking for facial waxing services, you can be a bit more flexible about length. If it’s been many weeks between brow waxes, our technicians can give your brows a quick trim before starting your service.

Skip the Long Black

Don’t worry, we’re not saying you have to quit coffee forever! Exhale. What we are saying is that skipping caffeine the morning of your wax service could be a game-changer for your comfort levels. Caffeine is a stimulant, and can cause your skin to be more stimulated by the wax. If you have super sensitive skin, we also suggest popping a Panadol before your wax. This will dull your pain receptors and make you more comfortable during your service.