• The Trending Nail Shape you Need to Try!

    The Trending Nail Shape you Need to Try!

    Are you looking to try out a new nail shape? Sick of square and over oval? We’ve got the perfect shape for you: The trendy coffin nail!

    Credit: TheTrendSpotter

    We’ve recently seen this glam shape on Lily Allen, Kylie Jenner and Rihanna- just to name a few! Coffin nails are perfect for those with naturally long nails or fans of a tapered nail tip.

    This shape has all bold beauty worthy of celeb status, without the crazy upkeep of stiletto! It’s basically a stiletto with a tapered edge. This edgy shape gets it’s name from the squared off tip that mimics the shape of a coffin. You may have also heard these nails referred to as ballerina for their resemblance to a ballet slipper!


  • The Nail Colour that Never Goes Out of Style

    The Nail Colour that Never Goes Out of Style

    Over the decades and despite the trends, there are certain nail shades that never go out of style! We are firm believers that you can never go wrong with a classic red!

    Much like lipstick, there’s an aura of elegance that comes along with a rich red. Not only does this colour draw attention to your nails, it’s universally flattering with the proper choice of shade!

    Fair skin looks best with a blue toned red! Fair skin tends to have cooler tones which are beautifully brought out by a hint of blue. For medium skin tones that tan easily, look for a coral-y or pink toned red! These shades work well with the warmth of medium skin and bring out beautiful bronze undertones. Olive skin tones are a unique mix of yellow and green undertones. This skin tone has the option to play around with bright bold reds and tomato reds! Last but not least, darker complexions should delve into w