Your Nails and Your Health

To say that the appearance and color of your nails reflect your health is not based on any pseudo-scientific principles. Nails tell a lot about your health, its look and form provides valuable clues and symptoms for any underlying health condition or nutritional deficiencies.
A healthy nails are normally smooth, pinkish in color, free of spots or discoloration and without ridges or grooves. All your nails must also be uniform in color and consistency. So, check upon your nails and look for anything odd in color and shape or other abnormalities since this can be a sign of health issues in your body.
Here are some of nail appearances and colors that may tell something about your health.
Yellowish: This may mean there is something wrong with your liver or has bronchial difficulties.
Bluish: You may have respiratory difficulties or weak heart.
Reddish: This colors shows you may have an excess of erythrocytes or red blood cells that indicates poor blood circulation.
White spots: This is maybe a sign of kidney failure, zinc deficiency or might have something wrong with your nervous system.
Pale nails: Maybe a sign of anemia.
Concave, Ridged, and Demilune: You might have iron, calcium and protein deficiency. You may have to change your diet or resolve to take vitamin supplements.
Flat and curved nails: Having this kind of nails may indicate asthma and bronchitis.
Brittle nails: Nails that cracks too often may mean lack of vitamins B, D, iron and calcium.
Bulge or Curly Nails: Weakness of heart and lungs and might have deficient blood flow to your fingers.
Hope this helped but, this will only serve as a guide and not a prognosis. So, seeking the doctor’s advice is highly recommended. After all, you surely looked on your nails already while reading this, right? Just a friendly reminder, be certain that any discoloration or shape on your nails were not a cause of a bad manicure.



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