Wise Decision On Nail Colours

hands-womanApplying manicures to your nails is really very addictive. All of us would always want to be so presentable in all means and that of course includes the nails. Most of the girls can’t go out with boring nails but surely you consume a lot of time thinking on what colour you should apply on.

If your dress must vary depending on the occasion you are about to attend, then it speaks the same with your nails. The occasion can help you decide what your colour must appear. Neutral colours are best for those who are going to a coffee party and to those who work, but that depends on the work you are doing. Shining shimmering colours are best for parties because they impose a lot of fun and attraction. The colour of your skin is also a big help in decision making. Would you wear neon colours if you have dark skin? I reckon not unless you have a very extreme sense of style. Pinkish, red shades and light ones are in for those with lighter skin tone. That’ll make you stand out. Your outfit should also blend with your manicure colour. It’s not necessarily the same colours but at least complimenting ones.

Thinking about the occasion, your skin colour and your outfit will help you make the wisest decision on your nail colour. Consider all factors because dressing up is not only about good grooming but also an expression of one’s personality and style. Always dress up for success.



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