Wear Neon Nail Polish Bright and Right

Neon-Nails-PolishDuring the 80’s, neon nail polish colors were the finest form of fashion. And now that they’re back, neon nails still get a lot of compliments. These bright, funky, shiny and happy nail polish colors came back with shinier, happier and brighter shades. Let your digits speak for themselves and be not afraid to flash such color. So to get you started, here are some tips for you to consider when wearing this nail polish trend.

  1. Prep your nails first by shaping it using a glass nail file. Use a buffing block on the tip of the nail to ensure that no loose nails are left. Likewise, ensure that your nail bed is free of oils by using a good nail polish remover.
  2. Apply a base coat onto your nails. Beige or milky-toned base coats in ridge-filling types are advisable as they pop more brightness from neon nail polish colors.
  3. Experiment with how you apply them. You can always play it safe by wearing them alone but you can still be more creative and wear it in different ways. Try wearing it as a French Tip and people will surely never see your nails the same way again. Instead of using white polish for the tips, use a neon nail polish in neon pink or orange.
  4. You can also do a simple nail art and incorporate diagonal lines or stripes on your digits. Use a nude base color and line your nails diagonally with a neon color. Do this in all of your nails or in your ring fingers only.
  5. Model two-toned nails by diagonally painting half of your nail in a neon shade and the other half in a contrasting shade.
  6. Let it shine and shimmer. Add glitter over the neon polish by painting it yellow first and applying a gold glitter polish over it.
  7. Get creative and make a burst of color on your nails. Start applying nail polish at one corner and move it outward in quick and even strokes. Your base nail color should be lighter than the neon polish for the color to really pop out.
  8. If you are having hesitations on wearing a neon shade, opt to wear it on your toes so you won’t feel like a total fashion victim. An ultra-bright yellow pedicure will look cute and dainty with a great pair of sandals.
  9. Since bright colors tend to show chips more evidently, never pick the rest of the polish off or it will surely ruin your nails. Dabbing the same polish shade over the chips and sealing the whole nail with a  top coat can fix the area. Chips can be prevented by reapplying clear top coat every other day. This will also make your dull neon nails shine again.

Neon nail polishes are undeniably hip and fun. They may look too much of a color at first but when applied, these shades show off the most flattering brightness and glow. Reach for your neon polish, wear it bright and wear it right.



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