Treating Your Nails with Carrier Oils

Carrier oil, in comparison with an essential oil, is an oil obtained from the patty portion of a plant while an essential oil are distilled from the barks, roots and trees as well as other botanical portions. Although both claims therapeutic benefits, but carrier oil, so the name suggests carries any other oil to the skin to be absorbed. It is used to dilute essential oil and other oils before it is applied to the skin.
So basically, carrier oil is more of a complex natural lotion that is great for the skin and also with your nails.
To help you distinguish carrier oil from an essential oil is easy through smelling it. Carrier oil is usually odorless or sometimes a little sweet or with nutty aroma while essential oils has an aromatic stench to it. The three types of carrier oils that you can use for your nails are coconut oil, palm kernel oil and olive oil. These three carrier oils offers a combination of both therapeutic and characteristics that can benefit your nails. So having a frequent oil nail bath can benefit you with the following:
-Soaking your nail in a cup of olive oil can strengthen weak and brittle nails
-Can heal nails infected with fungus by applying oil especially coconut oil at least twice a day
-Oil can make nails stronger by making it more flexible
-Oils can prevent the nails from chipping and breaking
-Applying olive oil directly to the cuticles makes it easier to apply polish or buff nails as it moisturize the nails first
-Oils contains nutrients that can help cure cuticle infections and fungal nail
-It makes fingernails extra shiny and shimmering



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