Top 10 Beauty Secrets For The Skin

Whoever said that beauty is only skin deep exactly knows the importance of having a great and flawless skin. Well, apology for taking it in the literal context but having a beautiful skin should not always be considered as a sign of vanity.

It’s a beauty essential since a healthy skin is said to be a reflection of what’s inside and will somehow take a key part of your overall personality.



When it comes to finding beauty secrets for the skin, there is really no miracle bottle for instant beautification. So instead of getting hyped with any marketing madness that most beauty products advertise, try not to overlook the most simple and basic beauty secrets that you can apply to your skin.

So if you please, write down and remind yourself regularly with the following:

1.Eat and rest well. Yes, we all know this. But this is one of the things that we always forgot.

2.Treat sun as your skin’s archenemy. Protect your skin from the sun. Ultra-violet rays can really be damaging to skin. Use sunscreen lotion and avoid direct sunlight especially between the hours of 10am and 2pm.


3.Smoking is dangerous for your skin. Smoking impairs circulation radically to make it look dry and gray. Let your skin breath and steer clear from oxidants that you can get from smoking.

4.Stress is not your skin’s friend. Emotional stress can do much harm to your skin. Stress is one of the common causes of wrinkles, acne, pimples and other skin problems.

5.Less make-up is more. This also goes for creams, exfoliating toners and other beauty products. It would be more prudent to choose products that are made with less substance solutions. Why not opt for natural beauty products or use milder and unscented alternatives.

6.Laugh and be happy. Here’s an interesting trivia, laughter increases circulation and improves the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to body tissue. Well, this pretty sounds good for the skin right?

7.Hygiene is health. Always make sure that you are using clean make-up tools such as brush and sponges.

You must be aware of your make-up’s shelf life although it would be heartbreaking to throw away expensive make-up even if it’s not yet empty. You must also regularly clean accessories you always use like eyeglasses or sunglasses.


8.Wash and dry. Wash your face at least twice a day. Wash your face before going to sleep.

9.Come clean. Always wash your hands first before applying make-up or washing your face.

10.Love every part of your body. Don’t forget your neck, elbows and heels!



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