Tips in Maintaining Beautiful and Sexy Nails

Women with manicured nails are often viewed beautiful not only due to their lovely, colored nails but because it shows that they know how to take care of themselves properly. Although it’s nice to have long and sexy nails, it’s not easy to maintain them since certain activities can influence their growth, as well as appearance. Still, you can keep attractive nails and keep them looking pretty for long if you adhere to the following tips:

Follow a Proper Diet

Eating healthy is not only good for your body but for your nails too. Consuming foods rich in protein will help the growth of strong, healthy nails since they are consist of a high amount of protein that requires proper diet to avoid breaking easily.

Protect your Nails When Working

This tip is especially true when doing household chores like washing the dishes, scrubbing the floor or doing laundry. Wear gloves to protect your nails against strong chemicals like bleach that will cause them to weaken and destroy their natural proteins.

Keep Them Neat and Clean

It’s important that your nails are clean and healthy all the time. Trim your nails regularly or use a nail file if you want to keep them long. Get a manicure at least twice a month to get rid of calluses and cuticles that are making them look untidy.

Take Daily Vitamins for Nails

There are vitamins that are especially good for your nails that will regenerate and strengthening them. One example is VitaminB6 supplements that can help enhance the look of your nails and even your hair.

Avoid Nail Biting

Some people when stressed out or under pressure tends to bite their nails, which of course is a no-no. You must avoid this bad habit if you don’t want to have ugly looking nails that are short and uneven.

Practice Base Coat Application

Lastly, if you don’t want to have yellow nails, you need to practice applying base coat before you paint them with nail polish, particularly those dark colored ones. A base coat will protect your nails against staining and will avoid it from breaking.

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