Tips In Buying Finger Nail Polish

NailPolish-last-longerSometimes, it is just too demanding to buy a finger nail polish. With the wide selection available, how can one choose only a few that looks good on the nails and at the same time fits the budget? But with some good tips in buying finger nail polish, you can easily increase your collection without burning a hole in your pocket.

  1. Always pay for quality. Although you can buy good nail polish for a dollar, make sure that you still consider superior quality. As they say, we sometimes get what we pay for. With the nail polish craze, bottles of quality nail varnish now come in affordable prices. Do not limit yourself on buying the extremely cheap ones but you need not buy a bottle for $25 in order to get superior quality. There are numerous brands that provide good color and coverage for $6-15. They are not too cheap nor too expensive – just the right price for your collection.
  2. Try nail polish from other brands. If you stick with a single brand, you may get stuck on a single price range. Be flexible in the amount you are willing to spend and do not hesitate to try out other brands. You can buy one or two bottles from every brand and see if they work for you.
  3. Try the finger nail polish first before you buy it. You can only tell the quality of the polish by applying it to your nails. You don’t have to paint all of your nails, just do a small test to see how the color would look on your nail. Some polish only look bright and rich in the bottle but comes out thin and dull in your finger nails. So give it a quick, small try and see if it really does work for you.
  4. Check the nail polish thickness. The polish is too thick if a drop doesn’t fall off the brush within 5 seconds. This means that the polish will be too hard to apply and will dry out quickly.
  5. Check the ingredients. When buying nail polish, discern which ingredients to avoid. It is recommended that you avoid those that have Formaldehyde, Toluene, and Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) as these have been linked to several health problems such as cancer and skin irritation.
  6. Buy in colors that you will use regularly. Buy nail polish that is a close shade to your lipstick or coordinates well with your wardrobe. The basics are pale and neutrals for the professional look; black, bold reds or deep wines for a night out or a date; and blues, yellows and greens for fun weekends. You can also choose colors by season and according to your skin tone.

Buying finger nail polish should always be fun and exciting. Just remember these tips, spend a little time in choosing colors, and decide based on quality and you can surely find a bottle fit for your collection and budget.



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