Things You Should Do Before You Undergo Brazilian Waxing


Some people are quite not sure about Brazilian waxing. Some think that the pain is too much to handle, while some prefer other methods of eliminating unwanted hair in the bikini area, such as laser or shaving. Truth be told, the pain depends on a person’s threshold. At first, it may be a bit uncomfortable, but as you habitually continue undergoing Brazilian waxing, you’ll eventually get used to it.

The best time to visit a salon for Brazilian waxing is a week after your menstruation. The reason behind that is because your pain threshold is at its highest peak so you can manage it better. However, to some, there’s no specific period especially once they get used to the procedure.

If it is your first time, you need to prepare yourself mentally and physically. First, you have to hydrate yourself pretty well. Drink plenty of water, at least 8 glasses a day, and apply moisturizer to ensure that your skin is supple enough. On the night before the procedure, it is also better if you will scrub your bikini area to ensure that you eliminate dry skin cells that could have trapped the hair within. Lastly, the hair should be long enough, at least about one-fourth of an inch so that the wax can adhere better.

It is important that you visit a reputable salon, like Hollywood Nails, that has skilled aestheticians so that you will be safe during the procedure. Infection may occur if you let someone who does not know how to do it well because the area becomes susceptible to bacteria and virus. Check the tools that they will use, especially their methods of cleaning. You have to check if they sanitize it well through proper washing and sterilizing before they use it to you.



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