The 7 Naked Truths About Waxing: Salon Secrets

waxingSo you’ve decided to endure the pain of waxing for whatever reason you have. First time waxing experience doesn’t have to be a terrifying experience that’s why salons make it sure that you’ll be comfortable and well taken care of. This article will also let you know about what’s going on in your pro waxer’s mind.

1. Gloves keep the germs at bay- Your pro waxer wears gloves for a very important reason: both for your protection. Waxing makes the skin tender and pores open and with this, bacteria can easily seep in.

2. They don’t double dip- When an applicator has been in contact to your skin it will be dispose of after. Using the same applicator twice and dipping it in the same honey pot will infect the other clients so it’s not never a good idea.

3. Your pro waxer lays down a sheet of paper over the sheet before you lie down- This is uch more hygienic than having to lie down your bare bottom directly on the sheet.

4. A client questionnaire for filling out prior to waxing- Salons like us see to it that our clients are safe and no harm will happen to them after waxing so we need to know their allergies and some medical skin history.

5. It’s important to freshen up your hoo-ha before the session- Please don’t gross out your waxer. Before coming in for a session, make sure you visited the toilet this morning and that you’ve washed your private area thoroughly.

6. Don’t believe Steve Carell’s character in the 40-year old Virgin- If you’ve watched the movie, you probably know what a huge wimp Steve Carell’s character is, and believe us- IT”S NOT that bad for it to elicit that kind of reaction.

7. Waxing during your period?- No. There are 2 reasons, number 1- it’s not hygienic and 2- the skin on your private area tends to be tender because of hormone changes so it WILL hurt more. If you insist and can take the pain- YOU ACTUALLY MAY, that is if you’re wearing a tampon and if you’ve let your salon know about it and they agreed.



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