Professional Spray Tan

For a natural and flawless tan without the harmful sun, look no further than a professional spray tan at Hollywood Nails. Spray tans self adjust to work in with your natural skin tone to ensure your tan is tailored to suit your complexion. Our beauticians are wonderfully trained to ensure you come out looking sun-kissed with an even and beautiful tan that can be washed off just 2 hours after application. We have partnered with award-winning Australian brand Bondi Sands for a fast drying professional spray tan that has a fast setting time and amazing results. Our tanning service is a hand-airbrushed system using the advanced formulation by Bondi Sands to suit all skin tones.

Whether you have a special event to attend or are going on holiday and want to look your best, to those that simply want to look sun-kissed all year round, our spray tan service is for you! A spray tan can give you a boost of confidence.

See below for spray tan tips and before and after recommendations. 



Events / Special Occasions Tanning

If you are getting a spray tan for a special event, we recommend booking your tan 1-2 days prior for the best results as the tan can take time to develop to its full potential.


- exfoliate and moisturise a day before your appointment

- if you wax, it is advisable to do this at least 48-72 hours prior to your appointment

Day of Your Tanning Appointment

Come wearing loose and dark clothing to protect your new tan until it dries and can be washed off.


After your spray tan service, wait at least 2 hours before having a 30 second (warm, not hot) shower. Make sure to pat dry lightly to avoid smudging.

Tanning Options

We offer a full body tan or half body tan (waist up or waist down) so you can customise your service to your needs.

*please note that not all salons offer tanning, call ahead to your preferred salon to check prior