Shielding Nails against Harsh Weather


Fingernails are also susceptible to different weather; just like our lips when exposed to cold and dry weathers, it cracks and sometimes leads to bleeding lips. In cold climate, the nails tend to get dry and brittle. And, during wet seasons, it tends to get overlay moistened and soft enough to easily become damaged. The ideal weather to have a healthy looking nails is during warm and mildly moist air conditions. One way to shield nails against harsh environmental weather conditions is to wear protective clothing like gloves, or apply a nail strengthening polish to reinforce the nails.

Another natural human calamity, which can damage nails are during hard work and over soaking the nails in water and chemicals.  If you find your nails suddenly chipped or scratched, then analyze what you have been doing during the day or week. You could be working so hard or doing many house chores. If getting the nails wet can’t be avoided, then towel dry it immediately after work. Also use mild soaps to wash your hands.

The best way to shield your nails against awaiting harsh weathers and working conditions is to have a healthy body. Eat foods containing proteins and amino acids, which are necessary for rebuilding stronger nails, and take multivitamins and minerals to help your nails grow faster. Also, to have a moistened nail all the time, you must drink a least eight glasses of water a day.

Periodic visits to your salon and having a regular manicure and pedicure can also help in preserving the overall strength of your nails.



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