Shaving vs. Waxing vs. Tweezing – The Pros and The Cons

lhrOur eternal battle with unwanted brought about the creation of several ingenious technologies that keep the skin silky, smooth and hairless! And when talking about hair removal, most popular options include shaving, waxing and tweezing. You may be among the women who have tried all three and still couldn’t figure out which one works best for you. Perhaps understanding the upsides and downsides of each hair removal procedure would help enlighten your weary thoughts on hair removal.

All about shaving

Shaving is all about pain-free and quick hair removal. With one stroke of a shave, you can immediately get rid of unwanted hair without any assistance. Plus, you can do it at home or anywhere without the high expense of other hair removal procedures. Shaving comes in handy for beauty emergencies. When it comes to shaving tools, there are two options: the electric shavers and epilators and the inexpensive disposable shave/razors. Although it offers quick hair removal, results are often very temporary. The frequency of shaving depends on how quickly your hair grows.

The main disadvantage of shaving is that it can possibly irritate the skin and leave it dry and itchy. This is especially true when the razor is pressed to hard against the skin when shaving. Also, regular shaving may result to thicker hair growth—you can feel the sharp edge of the growing against your fingers.

Shaving reminders:

  • Remember that shaving is best for last-minute or emergency hair removal.
  • Never shave your brows, chin or upper lip as it may result to unsightly dark coloured and thick hair growth.
  • When shaving, keep in mind that if you are using disposable razors, dispose of it when used once or twice.
  • Also, never borrow and never share your razors with others.
  • Lastly, moisturize skin every after shaving to prevent irritation.

All about waxing


The best thing about waxing is that it gives longer lasting results. Also, it can be done in a number of styles, which cater to your specific hair removal preferences. Also, it is a safe and proven effective hair removal procedure for removing hair on any part of your body. Once procedure is done, it leaves the skin smooth and feeling soft to touch—it never dries out the skin. If you have particular sensitivities, there are a variety of natural waxes that can be used such as chocolate wax and herbal wax, to lessen the pain involved and to avoid irritation. Also, with regular waxing procedures, it gradually reduces hair growth

But like what you heard from most of your friends, waxing could be a bit painful since it involves the use of a cloth and warm wax that will remove the hair from the roots. This procedure is never quick—often time consuming so you need to schedule it during your down time. Lastly, you need to keep in mind that waxing works best on full-grown hair, and not when hair is still very fine and short.

Waxing reminders:

  • Waxing is arguably the best hair removal procedure for your legs, underarms, bikini area, eyebrows and upper lip.
  • Waxing must be done by an esthetician as doing it the wrong way may cause redness and boils.
  • Be wary about the hygiene factor of the waxing salon where you’re getting waxed.
  • On the day before your waxing schedule, use exfoliating scrub to get rid of dead skin cells on areas that will be waxed.
  • After your waxing appointment, apply cooping pad or ice to the waxed area to soothe the skin and minimize redness.

All about tweezing


Tweezing or plucking hair could be a tad painful at times, but it gets the job done. It provides the condition solution for getting rid of some lone, stray hair hanging out somewhere. Another good thing about tweezing is that it can be done without fussy preparations. With regular tweezing, you may reduce hair growth as it causes the hair follicle to become damaged and stop growing.

On thing not so good about plucking or tweezing hair is that it’s tedious. You may need to spend around an hour to remove hair, depending on what your target area is. Also, if cheap and flimsy tweezers are used, people end up digging into skin to reach and pull the hair, which results to scarring.

Tweezing reminders:

  • Tweezing work best for shaping eyebrows and removing stray facial hairs. Right after tweezing, apply a soothing facial cream to calm red and possibly irritated skin.
  • Budget, time and tolerance to pain are the common deciding factors on which procedure of hair removal to take. Whichever one you choose, take our reminders to heart and you will be fine.




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