Protect your Nails with Nail Tek Maintenance Plus I


If you find yourself having dull and with brittle nails that easily get damaged, then it is high-time to invest on a polish great for nail treatments. Nail Tek Maintenance Plus I is an amazing product best for maintaining long beautiful nails really strong and protected; it’s great for nail therapies, and for revitalising the overall health of the nails. If there is one product that is good in repairing your nails back in top shape, then this is one of them. Indeed, you will find other nail treatment polishes on the Internet, but so far none can par with the efficiency that this nail polish can do.

Using the Nail Tek Maintenance Plus I is easy. Apply it on cleansed nails beginning with the first coating of Nail Tek. Start at the half-moon area of the nail, then stroke towards the tip of the nail. Remember: keep the chemicals away from skin and cuticle; it might cause dryness. Next, colour the nails with two coats using your favourite nail polish. Dry it a bit before protecting it with another two top coats of Nail Tek. You can use this daily as a top coat over your favourite nail polish. Also, remove the polish each week before replacing with a new one. By the way, keep products away from flame or any source of heat, and especially from children’s reach.

Nail Tek Maintenance Plus I is a product of Top Coat, which is a popular brand in the beauty and cosmetic industry. You can also find similar products here by browsing our shopping catalogues.



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