Our Hands and Nails are our Bestfriends

Natural NailsHave you ever imagined yourself with worse looking nails that you are almost ashmed to show? Have you tried passing a day without washing your hands or without cleaning your nails? Most of the time we take this simple regimen because we feel it is not important. But lest you know that the hands and its nails are important and they need some special and regular care as well.

Like uncomplaining workers,  nails and hands wouldn’t say a word, but that doesn’t mean they would go unnoticed. Don’t too long to provide the pampering they deserve. Start it today and make it a regular thing. Remember that they are the best tools to help you do everything you need to do. If you are now seeing some bad changes on your hands and nails, then don’t worry, it isn’t too late to start. MEC is the most basic and the most effective way to put them in good condition. MEC is what we call the Moisturizing, Exfoliating, and Cleaning hands and nails treatment. Moisturizing it everyday will help it regain or prevent the discoloration, exfoliating it with a cup of milk for five minutes will strengthen the nails and eliminate your dead skin cells, and cleaning it four times a day will get rid of any bacterias or virus that you probably acquired in a day.

Your hands and nails don’t disappoint you in any of your activities so it’s just right to give them the right treatment that they surely deserve. They are connected to us which means that their bad condition will always affect us, so treat them a bestfriend because their wealth would mean our good health.




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