Nail Care Guide 101

wash-your-handsShow your nails some love for they are important not just because of cosmetic reasons. Basically our nails protect our fingers when we touch things and are responsible in enhancing sensitivity in our fingertips.  Female vanity is just an additional aspect. It is therefore important that we grow healthy, and not just cosmetically attractive, nails. Keep your digits clean, even and presentable with these simple steps.

  1. Regularly wash your hands. Regular washing keeps your hands, fingers, and nails clean.
  2. Moisturize. Moisturizers help feed moisture on your nails and prevent hangnails. It also keeps your hands soft and smooth. You can use special cuticle creams to be applied twice a day for proper cuticle and nail care.
  3. Say NO to nail biting. Aside from the fact that saliva weakens the nails, bitten nails are not a good sight to look at. Nail biting damages the nail bed and increases the occurrence of hangnails.
  4. Trim and file. Trim your nails evenly whether you prefer round or square tips. Trimming should be done after a bath or after soaking your hands in the water, when the cuticle is soft. Smoothen off your fingertips by filing the ends of your nails. This way, hangnails are minimized and your nails will grow even. Make sure you get fine grit nail files for natural nails. Keep your nails trimmed and filed weekly.
  5. Paint your nails. Always start with a base coat to strengthen and protect the nails and finish with a clear top coat. Get less nicks and smudges by applying each coat nicely and thinly. Do not forget to allow polish to dry between coats so that the second coat will bond better to the first coat. You can apply top coat daily to ensure that your manicure lasts. Do not use old nail polish. Throw your old nail varnishes that have already changed consistency. If it becomes too thick and pasty, it won’t stick properly to your nails.
  6. Remove nail polish. Regularly remove polish and give your nails a breather. Leave them without polish for several days so your nails won’t get a yellow, ugly stain. Use a soft cotton pad or ball with a small amount of nail polish remover. Use a cuticle stick wrapped in a small piece of cotton to remove polish on hard to reach spots.
  7. Wear rubber gloves when you do household tasks. Harsh detergents and chemicals make your nails brittle and dry.
  8. Be patient in waiting for your nails to grow. Understand that it will definitely take time for you to get those long, strong and beautiful long nails. But if you want an immediate fix, go get acrylic nails.

Prepare your own set of manicure/pedicure set with your nail trimmers, file, some nail colors, base coat and top coat, and a good hand lotion. Keep broken cuticles and chipped nails away by following these basic hand and nail care tips. Your hands will be soft and smooth and your nails healthy, strong, and beautiful.



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