Nail Art Tools Around the House


Too eager to get started with your nail art? Fret no more. With enough creativity, you can actually create a masterpiece using some common items that you can find in your home. If you don’t have a complete nail art tools on hand, you can make do with these surprising and equally helpful items to create interesting and unique nail art designs.

1. Scissors and tape. Of course you’ll always have a pair of scissors and a roll of tape lying around your kitchen table or inside your crafting drawers. A pair of craft scissors and tape should allow you to cut design patterns at a number of variations. You can use these tools to dress up the tip of your nails or to neatly fill your nail art patterns with colour. From French tips to interesting geometric nail art designs, you can explore a lot of design possibilities with this simple tool duo.

2. Pencil. Using your pencil’s eraser head, you can actually create your own nail stamps. Customise your patterns and designs by carving a unique and interesting shape on your pencil eraser. From stars, hearts, or little arrows, the design possibilities are endless. Also, you can stick a bobby pin on the eraser head of your pencil and use it as a dotting pen.

3. Straw. You can create a splatter nail art pattern using drinking straws. Cut the straw short, dip it into your choice of nail polish and blow the polish onto your nails to create a unique pattern.

4. Makeup sponge. Cut your makeup sponge into smaller pieces and use it to dab different hues and colours of nail polish onto your nails.

5. Plastic wrap. For a material that you normally use to cover your food and keep it fresh, this thin plastic wrap can also be used to create a marbled colour design and pattern on your nail art.

You don’t need a complete set of tools to make your nail arts fun. Remember that even the most unusual household items can help you create the most fabulous nail art as it simply gives the design an edge that is difficult to recreate.



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