Making Your Nail Polish Last Longer

NailPolish-last-longerGirls are so fond of making everything fashionable and involved with the trend – from clothes to accessories and even nails. They really love putting colors and designs on it, but isn’t it time consuming to do your manicures all over again? Instead of spending your time on other things like having fun with your friends, you’ll have to be cooped up in the house redoing your nail polish. So here are some tips on how you can keep your manicures longer and how to make the most of life.

Nail polish will only stay longer if you keep your nails or even your hands clean. Even with long nails, you can still manage to keep the polish longer if you are careful in handling things. Also, if you avoid getting in contact with harsh ingredients this will keep the lavish color of your nails. Before you begin putting some polish on make sure that your nails are rid of all dirt. Soak your fingers in luke-warm water and gently scrub your nails. You should wipe them dry with a soft towel before putting anything on it. File them gently and with only one stroke until you can feel them smooth with no rough edged. Be cautious of how you scrub your fingers because too much of this can damage your nails as well.

In applying your nail polish, do it with the base coat. It could be a color less polish which you need to apply in a thin layer.  Give it time to dry. Once it’s completely dried off apply the color you like and the design you prefer. Now the very important part of keeping it last long is for you to dry it up properly. Do not do things just yet until the polish is safely glued on your fingers.



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