Ink Your Toenails – Your Guide to Fab Toenail Art Designs


Nail art is a big deal right now. Why the rapid surge of popularity and since when did ordinary polish became dull?

In recent years, our nails have become an extension of our personality. It is our most effective day-to-day accessory as the runways have shown us, after all it’s an inexpensive way to show individuality and make a fashion statement.

In my own personal experience, I have a difficult time applying neatly a coat of the old boring nail polish let alone drawing a fancy nail art design. The good news is even if we are not as good as Picasso, we don’t have to forego getting creative with our nails. That’s right because there are numerous nail art designs for every season that are easy to apply and is just picture-perfect for the artistically challenged like us.

You can use the toenails as your canvas for your nail art too. It can match your fingernails and makeup or be in total contrast with them. Either way with the use of creative designs, toenail art will complete your look.


To show off your toenail artwork you should remember that your foot needs to look pretty as a whole. This would mean proper use of moisturisers and more care of your feet on a daily basis. It is certainly important that your toenail art must match the footwear you are wearing so that it can properly frame your artistic creation. With the use of accessories like spangles and beads, your toenail art will look really special but extra care is needed to make sure that these small items stick properly.

Once you have delved deeper into the toenail art and design world you will wonder why you never did it before. Well adorned and artistically created toenail art can definitely be a mood lifter and is quite addicting.



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