How To Wear Black Nail Polish

black-nail-polish-poll-fashion_0Most of us equate black nail polish with the punk or goth look. But do you know that it is more than just a rebellion in a bottle? Black nails have been linked to defiance just recently. Before, black nails used to denote extravagant living and royalty. It all started in China where social ranking is signified through the nail colors people wear. The commoners are only entitled to wear pink nail polish while the royals wear black or red.

After that era, different nail colors emerged and black, in its lack of color, has been forgotten. It was in the seventies when famous rockstars again introduced black nail polish. and because black polish was worn by most male hard rock musicians, the nail polish color represented a whole new status.

Today, black nail polish has gone conventional. Now seen on the digits of famous stars such as Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Alba, black nails have invaded the mainstream and even the red carpet. Although it still connotes a bad look effect, it becomes sophisticated and glamorous when worn together with the right outfit.

To get the right look, identify first the type of look you want to display. For a Gothic look, don black clothing with your hair black and stick straight and pair it with your black nails. Wear black lipstick but go light and pale on the makeup for that rock chic look.

Skip the black clothing if you just want a traditional and more casual look. Pair black nails with tan outfit for your everyday day time look and wear it with denim over the weekends. Wear black nails together with simple jewelry for that sexy and edgy appearance. Look classy with black nail polish on short and well-manicured nails. Obviously, long, especially fake long, black nails appear scary and look like a costume for the Halloween.

And since this is a really dark color, your nails have to be neat and well-manicured as problem areas can easily be emphasized. Make sure that you apply black nail polish properly so it won’t look sloppy. Short and square shape nails look good with black polish. Buff and file to prepare your nails for a smooth appearance. Take your time in applying this nail polish shade as mistakes will certainly show. Immediately repair chips and cracks or such imperfections will be highlighted.

You can also try to get black nail polish in tones that are not 100% black. There are those that have a little blue, plum, or red in them. Black may not work for everyone but dark blue or dark violet can be great alternatives. Likewise, choose also those that are glossy and shiny, or those that have a little shimmer in them, for your look not to get too dull and matte.

And lastly, since this is a dark color, it tends to stain your nails. Make sure that you wear such color less often and never skip the base coat so you won’t end up with yellowish nails.




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