How to Have Gorgeous Nails

Who would not love to have great set of nails? Visiting the salon and spa when needed helps a lot in achieving gorgeous nails to show off. However, if you do not have enough money to spend to get your nails pampered once in a while, there are simple things you can do to make your nails looking clean and pretty.

1. Applying a clear polish to prevent from breaking and splitting.

2. Moisturizing the cuticle area of your nail as often as possible helps in preventing peeling and cracking.


3. Applying hand cream frequently, especially every after washing your hands helps it prevent from drying.

4. Wearing sunscreen during the day helps prevent your nails as well as the hands from sun damage.

5. It is important to particularly clean all your nail cleaning tools after using it as well, replacing the nail files often because bacteria can easily get transferred, which can cause infection.

6. If there are any tears or cuts in the cuticle, disinfect it right away and apply antibacterial ointment if needed.


7. When ingrown starts growing, you need to treat it the soonest possible because it can cause long-lasting damage to your nails.

8. Avoid using nail products that has formaldehyde or toluene because these chemicals pose health risks not only to your nails but also to your entire body.

9. Avoid soaking your nails in soap and detergent for a long period for it can easily damage your nail and its cuticle surface.

10. Do not ignore any inflammation in your nail or cuticle. As soon as possible, disinfect the skin with the right antibacterial solution. If things come to worse, then you need to seek the help of a dermatologist



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