How to Check Salon Safety


nail-salonWhenever you step inside a salon and sit down on the pedicure chair, have you ever wondered if the staff actually take the trouble of keeping everything clean, particularly their tools? Whenever you have your mani-pedi done, have you ever tried asking the nail technician if they actually disinfect and sanitise their tools before they were used on you? How did she respond? It’s a clear health issue when salons do not disinfect or sanitise their tools every time they are used for a client salon treatment. So how exactly can you tell when your local salon is sanitary or not?

Here are some ways on how to rate the safety of a salon from the moment you sit down on the salon chair:

1. Check out the salon floor. Is it clean? Staff should be cleaning up after service so if you have come to a salon with dirty floor and with scattered clippings of nails, step out and find another one.

2. Ask the staff how they disinfect their tools. Before you come to the salon, do a little research on the sanitation practices of salons. Armed with that knowledge, ask the salon staff how they sanitise their tools. Do they use liquid disinfection of an autoclave to sterilise their implements?

3. Request to have a look on the salon’s cleaning log. Every sanitary and reputable salons would have one. If they can’t show you one, how about asking to see where and how the staff sanitise their implements.

4. Seeing technicians wearing gloves while at work is a good sign. This helps reduce the transfer of bacteria from client to client.

5. While waiting for your appointment, observe where the staff pull their tools from. Are they reusing dirty tools?

6. Inspect the nail products that they are using on you. Each product that they use on you must have clear defined labels printing exactly what’s in it.

7. Dirty salon restroom is a bad sign.

8. Experiencing pain during your salon service is definitely a red flag.



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