How to be a Nail Blogger


Are you a nail art fanatic? Or do you simply have a great appreciation of the art of caring for nails? If your passionate about everything about nails, it’s easy to ‘nail it’ as a nail blogger. With your nail interests and sense of appreciation for everything about nails, you sure have a lot to say about the topic. So why not share your nail passion and go start writing. With these simple tips, you can thrive as a nail blogger, get more readers and increase your blog’s search ranking.

Be original. You need to understand that there’s a lot of nail blogs out there so you need to make your nail blogs engaging and different. Make sure that in every topic you write about, you put your own personal spin on it. Stick to your own voice because that will keep your readers coming back for more.

Mind your blog photos. Use only high quality photos in your blogs. Make sure that you use relevant filenames for the images that you add to your blogs. You may or may not know it, but it matters to search engine rankings—this is especially true with Google Images. Also, use accurate descriptions to go with it.

Use relevant keywords. It is essential for your blog titles to include a keyword, which could be the brand of the product you’re blogging about or simply a nail topic that you’re discussing. This way, when someone goes looking for the content of your blogs, you get top search engine rankings as he will simply enter your keywords in the search box.

Use links into your blog. After a while of posting blogs, you can start linking your current blog to your relevant posts so your readers would stay longer on your blog site.

Never post very long blogs. You may have a lot to say about a certain topic about nails but you need to keep it short. Imagine a reader stumbling upon your blog looking for answers and he is greeted with such a very long text, do you think he would stay long enough to read your whole text? Just don’t fill your blog with gibberish nonsense.

Take advantage of some blogging tools. Blogs such as WordPress offers a convenient tool that you can use to check what relevant keywords or topics most readers are searching for already, so make use of those.

Now that you got your nail blogging essentials covered, here are some tips for nail blogging success:

  1. Stay clear of spamming as it could have a detrimental effect to the search engine ranking of your blog. Carelessly leaving your links to the comments you make, or simply, every website you’ve visited is a big no-no.

  2. Know your competition. Although blogging is not about competition, it is helpful for you to check out some other top rated nail blogs to keep you inspired and keep your blog topics up to date with the latest nail trends.

  3. Take advantage of some social networking sites. Facebook and Twitter are your best tools in putting your blog out there. Create a Facebook fan page and create a Twitter account for your blog. It’s also a great way of getting in touch with your readers as well as with the blogging community.

So there you have it. By keeping these things in mind, you get the pow-wow at making a successful nail blog. Go on and start blogging.




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