How Our NAILS Tell us of What Nutrients We LACK

Nails are considered the protective layers of two of our sensitive parts – fingers and toes. These often reflect our overall health or nutritional deficiencies. Not only that, our nails can be heavily damaged from various factors such as harsh weather, accidents, and from excessive use of our extremities. They can also be infected by bacterial or fungal infections. Thus, we need to care for our nails like we do with our hair and skin.

Fortunately, our nails are able to “tell us” what nutrients or vitamins that we lack. Here are some symptoms that show in our nails that we often overlook.

If you are anemic you usually have pale nail beds. People who have iron, protein, and calcium deficiencies also have brittle, concave, ridged white half moons on their nails. Moreover, vitamin A deficiency makes your nails peel. They also have very poor growth when you lack zinc intake. If you eat with too much salt you will know that from having external fibrous growths in the nails. Separation of the nail bed is a sure sign of nervousness and hyper thyroid. When nails are yellowish and seemed to have discoloration this means that you have bronchial difficulties; while if it is bluish it shows respiratory difficulties.

What we eat affects us from head to foot; literally. And signs and symptoms of various kinds show even in our nails when we deprive our body with important elements and healthy regimen. It is important that you do not take these for granted as your nails might just save your life.



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