Get Your Nails Ready for the Hottest 2015 CND Nail Art Designs


Simple and sophisticated nail art designs will be huge in 2015. From neutral earth tones to simple nude, top celebrity nail artists are breaking the manicure mould. After playing around with bright and bold colours, textures and 3D effects, nail art designs has become more exciting. We give you these fine snapshots of what’s up and coming for CND’s Nail Fashions.

Celebrating the exotic colours of CND nail polish collections, this nail art inspiration called the Dragon Fruit is achieved by creating an appealing abstract pattern using a combination of Blue and Purple glossy nail polish.

The Ornamental Arch design by CND gives you an elegant geometric nail art. Against a navy base colour shines a dainty and golden geometric pattern that is finished off with golden dot etchings that add texture to the whole look.

A bold take on a classic ombre, the CND Moonstone nail art is created by doing a delicate layering of earth’s neutral tones. Using brown, copper, and purple coloured nail polish, this gorgeous ombre will give transform your nails into eye-catching treats.

Just in time for summer, this heatwave inspired nail art design by CND is achieved by doing an artsy layer of colours that celebrate the essence of nature. This fine layer of bronze, green, orange and yellow hues will definitely give you the hottest summer trend in nail art.

In continuing the bold nail art trend of the holidays, this simple and elegant pattern of red and white glossy nail art should give your nails the fab treatment it deserves. Talking about nail art that goes well with your casual to formal look, this design in a must-try.

Celebrating colours of the earth, this abstract layering of brown, burgundy and gold is a great steal for CND’s Tortoise Shell inspired nail art. The appeal of this design will transcend every every trend that 2015 may offer.

Can’t wait to try and recreate these designs on your next salon visit? Check out our CND nail polish catalog for more exciting nail art design inspirations. Pick your choice of graphics, ombre, and metallic nail polish patterns and combinations that you should try on for your next nail art.



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