Get Your Nails Ready For Neon Nail Polish

Neon-Nails-PolishBe more adventurous and daring by wearing neon nail polish. Summer is the time to splash some color into your everyday look. The runways this season all showcases fingernails in hot-colored nail polishes from bright blue and hot pink to pops of orange.  Paint your nails a loud, happy color and ride onto the neon trend.

Before applying a bright polish, make sure you push back your cuticles first. Since you will be applying a loud, screaming color, any irregularities around the nail will definitely show up. What you can do is apply nail treatment or cuticle oil around your nails and push them back with an orange stick.

Neon nail polish looks good on short nails. Cut down your nails to around ¼ inch beyond the edge using your clipper. Of course, file your nails in a single direction at a 45 degree angle and use a smooth emery board to round the edges. Squared off nails will chip quickly more than rounded nails so go for the round edges.

When wearing neon nail polish, it is recommended that you start with a clear base coat first so that the neon color won’t stain your nails. Make sure it is dry before applying the polish. After that, you can opt to prep your nails with a white basecoat so that you’ll get the purest bright shade. The white basecoat neutralizes the natural pink color of your nails and it will definitely make the neon color pop out.

In order not to get clumps when painting the color, control the amount of polish that you have on the brush. Make sure you use wide strokes and fan the brush across the nail. Do 3 passes in each nail.

Before you apply second coating, wait for a minute for the first coat to dry. Perky purple, highlighter yellow, and bold blue colors look best in opaque and not sheer shade. Wearing them will surely have you staring after your hands.  Opt for non-toxic, long wearing neon nail polish.

Seal the color by finishing it off with a fast-drying topcoat seal the tip and prevent chips by running the brush along edge of your nail. Clean up the smudges with a cotton swab when you’re done polishing. Remember, this is a bright, obvious color and mistakes will clearly show if you color outside the lines.

Wear neon turquoise or mandarin and add a funky side to your look. You can also try pairing your bright fuchsia digits with a girly pink lipstick for a fun, summer look. Day time in summer can be cool and hip when you wear your neon nails along with contrasting solid colors. On the other hand, you can tone down your look by pairing your bright nails with white, black , and grey outfits. This is a more sophisticated and chic style that you can wear in the evening. So go ahead and paint your digits with bright, happy colors and glow with neon nail polish .



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