Get Glamorous With Black Nail Polish

black-nail-polish-poll-fashion_0Wearing of black nail polish originated in ancient China where black color nail varnish is worn only by the royalty and reserved for some dynasties. It was then seen on the hands of the public during the 1960s when a London boutique made black nail varnish for its clients. This deep and dark colored nail polish was then seen on the nails of rock star musicians, fashion models, and Hollywood celebrities.

From then on, black nail polish has always been a beauty craze. Dark black polish has gained popularity among teens and ladies as it looks chic and sophisticated on females of all ages. But wearing dark nail polish, particularly black, requires a little more subtlety and flair. Here are some pointers for you get the look right.

  • Black nail polish will look best on meticulously groomed nails. Buff your nails before applying base coat. A bumpy surface will surely show through the dark polish.
  •  Black nail polish looks better on short and rounded-square nails. Too long or extremely pointy nails will make you look more like a vampire than a fashionista.
  • Because this is a dark color, chips will be more apparent. Keep your digits looking perfect by applying a protective coat.
  • You an also use a ridge filler as an anti-chip strategy. To stop bleeding, use a ridge filler as a base and keep the polish off your cuticles. Apply a topcoat every three days as well.
  • If you will apply only a single coat, your polish application will look streaky. Get a more consistent color on your nail by applying 2 to 3 coats over a good basecoat.
  •  Soak your hand, push your cuticles back and wear the classic true-black nail polish right. You can also keep a small space between the cuticle and the nail to help prevent staining of the skin around the nail bed.
  • Tone down your look by wearing neutrals. Red lips or bright outfits look too much when paired with dark nails. Black nail polish already attracts attention so you may want to wear simple accessories or less jewelry so as not to ruin the entire look.
  • A natural sun kissed look goes well with this color. Peach cheeks and light pink lip gloss looks stylish with black nails. Black nails look sophisticated and sexy yet fun and trendy when mixed with feminine and girly fashion.
  • Get that elegant but edgy look by using silver-flecked black polish or a rich and saturated ultra-black nail polish that looks like patent leather.
  •  If you think that black is too much of a dramatic color for you, then you can opt to go for a rich red nail polish color or a deep plum polish. Or you can also go for black based polish with a red shimmer or navy blue tone.

Black nail polish is really here to stay. With the different shade variations, it won’t be too difficult for you to pull of this glamorous and daring look.



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