Four Surprising Things That Ruin Nail Polish

Having a pretty new nail polish is something woman cinches to save from being ruined right away. However, no matter how girls avoid anything to ruin their polish, there are just some things or activities that they still do without knowing it will also wreck havoc a beautiful nail polish. Want to know what these things are? Surely your answer will be a big yes, after all, most would agree that fixing a damaged nail polish is more cumbersome than getting it real done.

Sunscreen. If sunscreen is your skin’s best friend, for the nails, it’s an enemy. In most instances, sunscreen contains concentrated chemical compounds and ingredients that may soften or dissolve acrylic nail polish. However, there are sunscreens that are made with organic and milder ingredients. One of the best way to know if a sunscreen can damage a nail polish is by applying a small amount of nail polish on a piece of glass, if it smears then it obviously mean it will smear you nail polish. So if you are shopping for a sunscreen, stain the glass of compact powder or anything with a little of your nail polish to test on.

Tanning Lotion or Cream. Unlike the sunscreen, tanning lotion will not damage you nail polish however it will stain the sides and underneath your nails and your cuticles with brown-orange color. So it is always better to apply tanner wearing gloves or ask someone to apply it for you.

Pens or markers. If your work involves a lot of writing, that is, using pens or marker, then don’t be surprised if your nail polish won’t last. Marker and ink surely ruins a beautiful nail polish so try to be at least, conscious when you handle a pen or marker. Remove ink stains on your nails quickly and avoid putting your nails close to ball point and paper you are writing on.

Sticky Labels. You probably enjoy the habit or removing labels from any products you bought.
Guess what, removing this sticky label using your fingers as the tool will surely chip the front of your nails.
The best advice is just leave it right there, or, use something else if you really want to remove it for heaven’s sake.



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