Foot Care

The nicest thing to do in life is to give your body a relaxing and refreshing treatment after a day’s work. The wisest idea is to start it with your feet because after all, they are the most worn out part of your body. When you know how to care for your feet you pretty much know how to care for the rest of your body.

Here are some tips to care for your feet. Make sure that your shoes fit you just right. Do not use tight or big-size shoes because it can cause too much stress on your feet. Also use the appropriate style for the right occasion or activity. If you are an office worker but had to walk to work from the parking, use runners first then just slip on your office shoes when at work.

Do not forget to moisturize your feet as well. When you arrive home, rest your feet for a couple of minutes before washing them. Wipe them dry then apply foot lotion in a massaging stroke. This will encourage good blood circulation while smoothing rough sports.


Always use clean socks, stockings, and other foot garments. And when you put them on make sure that your feet are completely dry. This will eliminate the build-up of dirt in your feet and the crevices of your toes.

Taking care of your body is the number rule to a healthier and more beautiful you.



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