DIY Nail Polish Colors

fashion-nail-polishIf you’re tired of your nail polish colors but cannot afford to buy new ones, then this article might help you. Why not create your own nail polish colors? Do it yourself and use your current color collection and some of your make-up to create your very own nail shade.

Here’s what you will need if you decide to create new shades from your current polish collection:

Sheer, metallic nail polish

Any nail polish color

Step 1: Arrange all the colored nail polish you have in a row. Select a shade which you want to use as a base. It could be any color but the darker and more matte the shade is, the better. The sheer or metallic nail polish will be your top color.

Step 2: Apply one coat of the base color onto your nails. Ensure that the single coat will fully cover the nail.

Step 3: Paint your nails with the sheer polish after the base coat has dried. If you used a darker base color, you’ll notice that the sheer polish will lighten it and it will look more like a metallic polish. Add a clear top coat to seal in the polish.

You can also try mixing shades if you have more time. You will need:

An empty nail polish bottle (clean out old bottles you have or buy new ones)

Line up your nail polish color and identify which ones would you like to go together (white can be mixed with darker shades to create a subtle tone; you can also check the color wheel for complimentary colors)

Just mix colors together to create a new nail polish color. For example, you can mix ½ of white nail polish and ½ black nail polish to create a gunmetal matte grey shade. If you want the edgy “dirty” pastel look, mix your neon shades with a little white or grey.

Now, if you are feeling a little more creative, why not experiment with your blush and eye shadow or some mineral make-up pigments in your stash and make them pretty nail polish colors. You will only need the following:

Clear nail polish

Blush and/or eye shadow

Some mineral make-up pigments, if you have

Nail polish remover and cotton balls (to wipe off trial shades on your nails)

Just mix the pigment, whether traditional blush or eye shadow pigment or mineral make-up pigment, into the clear nail polish. Remember to add only a small ratio first. Test the shade on your nails and see if you’re satisfied with the color. Just add the pigments little by little and try it on to see if that’s the color you want. Be careful when using multipurpose mineral make-up powder as they are heavily pigmented.

And since mineral make-up do not contain dye, you can skip the basecoat altogether. If you are in a hurry, just dip your clear nail polish brush into the pigment and paint it directly on your nails. Another great idea is to mix the powder to your colored nail polish to change its shade.

Be creative and experiment with colors and shades and expand your nail polish color collection!



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