Brittle Nails: Causes,Prevention,and Treatment

brittle-nailsOur nails are a real big asset; not only because of its uses but also it can show the health condition of a person. Someone who has breaking nails means that she has some form of vitamin deficiency or worse, she is unhealthy. There are also different reasons why nails break. It can be caused by using harsh de-tergents, solvents and polluted water which truly strain the nail fibres. It can also be a result of having low calcium intake in the body or of using products that contains harsh contents like acetone which gets the moisture out of your nails. If you already have a brittle nail and you use strong concentrated lotions which usually have alcohol, then the condition will just get worse.

We say that prevention’s always better than cure so if you don’t want to have an unhealthy nail, then you better use rubber gloves in doing household chores like washing and cleaning. And for doing more manual work, you can use work gloves to keep the great shape of your nails. Also, having a proper diet and eating nutritious foods can greatly help maintain the health of your nails and of your body.

According to a popular magazine, the best thing to do if you have a severely damaged nail is to cut the dented portion. The same concept applies to our hair with split- ends, you need to rid your mane with all those broken portions to have an even better hair growth. Soaking your fingertips in vegetable oil in a regular basis can also make your brittle nails healthier. Lastly what you eat matter the most. Eat foods rich in calcium like cheese, milk and other dairy foods. Taking care of your nails will give an overall effect of a healthy lifestyle.



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