Bringing Out your Normal Nail Colour

enhanced-26955-1435761287-11A clean and normal nail colour radiates simplicity and pureness of one’s personality. If you are planning to stay away from coloured nail polish for a while, and want to bring out your natural nail colour, then you came to the right place. Your normal nail colour could be either lighter or darker pink depending on the colour of your skin; this is how healthy fingernails look like. If you find your nails looking yellowish, then there might be something wrong. Yellow nails could either be caused by regular smoking, harmful chemicals, psoriasis, fungus and other health problems.

One way to correct the problem of having yellowish nail colour is to soak your fingernails in lemon juice for five minutes. Do this every day for a while till it removes the yellowish tint. You can also use a mixture of two parts peroxide and one part baking soda instead of lemon juice. If you do not see any improvements after a week, then consult a health physician; it could be a health related problem.

Bringing out your natural nail colour is a habit. You need to stay healthy by eating foods rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. Taking a food supplement will also help a lot too, since nowadays we seldom have a complete meal. One reason for nail discolouration is lacking proper nutrition. And, if it can be avoided, do not smoke. Cigarette nicotine is one of the leading culprits in yellowish nails today. Also, stay hydrated all the time to keep your body’s moisture at normal level. Dehydration too can cause nail discolouration.

If you are healthy and a non smoker and having an abnormal nail colour, then it could be caused by aging that is inevitably normal for that age. A natural nail polish could correct it, and a regular pedicure and manicure sessions might also solve the problem.



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