Botox Do’s and Don’ts – What To Do Before, During and After Botox


By having a botox, you can erase your wrinkles and fine lines within minutes. To get absolute best results, follow our list of simple do’s and don’ts.

Before having a botox:

Preparation is key when it comes to having a pleasant botox treatment experience. Here are the things that you can do:


  • Find a reputable doctor. A good Botox will depend on the skill of your doctor. Don’t just go to any clinic or doctor that offers Botox treatments. You can ask for referrals from friends or anyone you knew who had Botox done before you. Not only do you screen reputable doctors this way, you also get to see the results of their work from those same people whom you got doctor referrals. Also, even with referrals, take the time to check out those doctors on your list by doing a little research on whether or not they are board-certified or specialising in facial anatomy.
  • Submit your complete your medical history. You need to declare to your doctor your honest and complete medical history. Discuss with him your allergies, past medical conditions, the medical procedures done on you, current medications and other pertinent health details. Also, you need to inform your doctor if this is your first time getting a Botox treatment, as some doctors tend to be conservative with first time patients to determine their reaction to the treatment.
  • Communicate your expectations with your doctor. You need to discuss with your doctor the results that you wanted from your Botox treatment. This is to make sure that you’re on the same page and to further assess is a Botox treatment is the right treatment that will give you the results that you seek.


  • Don’t take medications that thins the blood such as aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E, fish oil or omega 3s and exedrin a week before your scheduled Botox treatment. Also, stay clear of St. John’s Wart, ginkgo biloba and ginseng. This is to minimise post-Botox bruising.
  • Don’t drink alcohol a few days before the treatment.

During your Botox treatment:


Keep the following points in mind to have a good Botox experience.


  • Go au naturel when you come to the clinic. Anyway, your skin will be cleaned up with rubbing alcohol or antiseptic solutions so no need for makeup.
  • Stay still. If you experience discomfort and pain, immediately inform your doctor but you need to keep still. Don’t worry, the treatment will be over before you know it.
  • Use an ice pack is necessary to reduce bruising.

After Botox:


It would be the things that you will do after the Botox treatment that are most crucial in ensuring best results.


  • Keep your hands off your face after the Botox is injected. This is to avoid spreading the solution to other unintended muscles on your face.
  • Limit outdoor activities.
  • To minimise Botox bruise, apply topical vitamin K and arnica.
  • If unsatisfied with results, go back for touch ups.


  • Don’t drink alcohol.
  • Don’t do strenuous activities.
  • Don’t do any other facial treatments like chemical peels or microdermabrasion for at least 24 hours
  • Don’t take blood thinning medications


We hope you have gained a lot of useful information to prepare yourself for your Botox treatment.



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