Waxing Price List

To assure the best results from your waxing service please do not shave prior or in between your appointments. Exfoliating prior to your appointment is recommended.

Do not get a waxing service if you have used Alpha Hydroxy Acids or Glycolic products in the past 48-72 hours, or if you are using Retin A, Renova, Accutane, or are sunburnt.

We use Caronlab hot and strip waxes for exceptional results on delicate facial areas. 
Entire Face
From the jaw bone onwards. Includes the brows, cheeks, upper lip, and sides.
Eye Brows
Tidy and clean up of brows – this is not a brow shape service, rather to tidy the brows in-between services.
Upper Lip $10
Chin – beginning beneath the bottom lip, slightly below the jaw bone. $10
Sides – from the sides of the face at the hairline, down to the jaw bone. $15
We use a combination of Caronlab hot and strip waxes for professional waxing results on the entire body. 
Full Leg $50
Half Leg – Choose either lower leg (knees to toes, including the knees) or upper leg (thighs only, not including the knees). $30
Full Arm $30
Half Arm – Choose either lower arm (elbow to fingertips) or upper arm (elbow to shoulder). $20
Chest / Back $40 / $35
We use Caronlab hot and strip waxes to provide a comfortable service on delicate and sensitive areas. 
Underarms $20
Bikini Line – Neatened at the sides and on the top for a natural tidy up. $30
Full Arm $30
G string – the sides and front are removed leaving a small V or landing strip. $40
Braxilian XXX* – the top and sides of the bikini line are removed, as well as around the back and all the way under. $50

*available at selected salons


These are Suggested Salon Prices; each individual salon has the right to set custom prices at their own discretion. Please also note that not all services are available at every location. Please contact the salon direct if you have any questions or concerns.


  • Not all services are available in all locations – another reason to book in advance.
  • Refills over the recommended 2-3 week period where there is significant regrowth will incur an additional $10.00 to cover extra product and time. The technician will confirm this before the service starts.
  • Services will only be redone if you are unsatisfied with the quality of work at the store managers discretion.
  • Refunds and credit are not valid for change of mind.
  • Only head office can approve refunds; not the store manager or employees.
  • Discounts and promotions may be available at certain salons at the franchisee’s discretion. Please visit the locations section of the website and contact them directly to see if any specials are running.

Work Guarantee

We are confident you will be satisfied with your service. If not, contact the manager of the salon where you received the service within 72 hours to give us the opportunity to rectify any concerns. If you are unhappy with the resolution, please contact head office at info@hollywoodnails.com.au with a detailed description of your concern. Please note that this is required in writing. Ensure you have the date & time, technicians name and photos (if applicable).

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