6 Nail Trends That You Can Do At Home


Tired of your old nail tricks? Update your nail styling with these modern and easy-to-follow nail trends:

The White Beauty


Believe it or not, ‘white nails’ is today’s go-to nails by celebrities. From the likes of Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Jessie J, you will see white nails all over the fashion spread and red carpet. This surprisingly flattering nail colour has been used for French tips for as long as every woman could remember. But today, it takes the spot light and you can easily own these white beauties at home.

Colour Your French Mani

White French tips are old. It’s time to try using some fun colour combinations with this classic nail style. You can virtually use any colour combination of nail polish that you love. Just keep the classic French tip pattern and have fun adding colour to your tips.

 Blue Ombre

Just around the time when Ombre hair turned heads came the time for Ombre nails. This easy-to-do nail trend only requires a base colour like this charming O.P.I Nagellack ombre selection and use lighter nail polish colours from there.

 Tropical Delights

Daydreaming of lounging in a tropical paradise? Why not bring the tropical feel into your nails. These brightly coloured nail polish options are great for summer and for those gloomy days where you need something cheery to roll with. Options include bright oranges, pinks and peaches—much like your favourite tropical drink! Bring in the colours of tropical fantasies with this nail trend.

Sick of Glossy? Then Try Matte

So you decided to go with some nail polish options that you haven’t tried. This is the best time to go matte. A great departure from your usual glossy nail finishes, bolder matte nail polish shades include purple, black, gray, brown, deep blue, maroon and red. Following this trend on your next DIY nail styling will absolutely make everyone take notice.

 Mirror Metallics

Mirrored nails are all the rage these days. This fun nail styling trend could be a tad tricky to apply but the rewards are fabulous looking nails. When applying metallic shades of chrome, start with clean, filed and dry nails with no excess oil. It would be wise to first wipe the nails with cotton moistened with nail polish remover, then leave them to dry. Apply a basecoat. Place appropriate sized wrap, peel backing then place the rounded end close to the cuticle. Smoothen the sticker down, use nail buff to remove any bubbles, and trim and file the excess. For best results, apply top coat over mirror metallic wrap.

We are rooting for you to enjoy a stylish set of nails. With steady hands and a cool array of nail polish, you can pull off an edgy look for your nails.



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