Of the standard grooming habits in the world, waxing is perhaps the best proof that people are willing to invest time, money, and a little discomfort for beauty. If you’re a waxing virgin but would love have baby-smooth and hairless skin, here are five things you can expect after your first waxing session:

1. You Might Have Temporary Redness and Minor Skin Irritation

As you might expect, pulling body hair out through hot wax will irritate the skin. The good news is through waxing aftercare, you’ll reduce the redness and irritation in a couple of days.


2. You Can’t Wear Tight Clothing for A Few Days

Friction from clothes can further irritate your skin. Be sure to wear loose clothes that can allow your skin to breathe.


3. You Need to Avoid Extreme Heat for 24 Hours

Avoid hot baths and showers, steam rooms, saunas, and Jacuzzi’s since these can aggravate the skin while the pores are still open. Moreover, you might pick up infections from public facilities.


4. It’s Possible to Have Ingrown Hairs

Waxed skin naturally hardens and thickens after the procedure which can lead to ingrown hairs. This is why it’s important to keep that area gently exfoliated. Two days after waxing, use a gentle exfoliating scrub to and continue to do so once or twice a week thereafter.


5. You Can’t Use Other Hair Removal Methods in Between Sessions

Over time, waxing causes thinner hair growth which means your future sessions will be less painful than the first. If you shave or use depilatory creams in between sessions, your hair will grow back thicker which will increase the discomfort the next time you go in for a wax.

Are you ready for your first waxing session yet? If so, then go ahead and book an appointment with us. We promise you won’t be disappointed!



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