5 Crazily Amazing Nail Tricks that You Must Know!


No matter how hard we take good care of our nails, probable problems may still arise that will make them look unpleasant – certainly annoying, isn’t it? However, there are several ways in order for you to prevent or fix the problems. Here are 3 crazily amazing nail tricks that you should know in order to keep your nails beautiful!

  1. How to fix a damaged nail polish if it’s still wet?

You are already out of the nail salon when you noticed that one of your nails is damaged. Want to fix it without going back? Lick it! No, this isn’t something yucky especially if you need to fix it as soon as you can. The saliva is a perfect “tool” to fix the smudged area like it was not really damaged at all.

  1. How to prevent chipped nail polish?

It’s quite usual that after some time, your nail polish needs to be replaced, but there are still efficient ways in order for you to lengthen its beauty. One is by habitually applying clear coat every other day. Another way is by using rubber hand gloves when you need to soak your nails in water as it does not only make it brittle, it also chips off nail polish!

  1. How to fix a broken nail?

The sides of your nails are susceptible to breakage. Now, if you do not like to cut it off because you think it looks better when it’s long, then you must fix it immediately. A good way to do that is by using a teabag made of paper. Stick it on top of the damaged area using nail glue. Make sure that you cover just the broken part, not the entire nail area. Buff it to make it look smooth and even. Apply nail polish afterwards so that no one will notice that it’s broken.

Now, you don’t have to worry about having ugly looking nails with all these amazing tricks! Check out our blog area for more awesome nail information. J



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