4 Common Nail Blunders You Don’t Want To Have, Ever

Imagine you’re heading out to attend a party that you’ve been waiting for, for months. You’ve dressed up for the occasion and can’t wait to meet all your girlfriends and have fun. Hey, it isn’t every day that a super mum/ super woman like you gets a break from life. You examined your blow dried hair. Check. Red stilettos? Check. False nail tips? Double check.

At the bar, a girlfriend came over with a well-known VIP she would like to introduce to your group. When it was your turn, you stretched out your hand to give the person a firm handshake and as you withdrew it you felt a funny feeling. Your nail tips just fell off and the VIP who saw it, gave you a puzzled look.

Nail fashion disasters can happen to anyone and they come in different forms. Read on to know the 4 common nail fashion blunders and how to prevent them.

  1. Falsies falling off

Acrylic nails are not designed to fall off after a day, unless the nail tech who did it does not have the professional qualifications or enough experience to perform it. Another obvious reason is when the salon uses unbranded products that compromise quality. Make sure that on your next visit, you perform initial checks such as asking the nail tech or receptionist what brands their salon use. Nail salons who use high quality products will tell you outright the brands they’re using.

  1. Nail biting

This is a compulsive human behaviour that cannot only cause damage to your nails and health but also to your persona. Common results of nail biting:

  • Excessive nail biting will render your nails jagged and possibly wounded.
  • It can pose as a serious health risk because well, we do know germs are present inside our nail beds.
  • Jagged, uneven nails are not very pleasant to look at and can cost you a job, a love life or anything else.
  1. Nail chipping

Ordinary nail polish can last chip-free for only a day or two – if you’re doing a lot of things with your hands such as household chores; and a week if you’re not. If you’re opting for just an ordinary polish you should have it applied on the day itself or at least one day before the event. Make sure that you won’t be doing heavy chores to prevent the nails from chipping. Have your nail tech apply a quality top coat.

  1. Nail yellowing

It’s a sign of unhealthy nails, impending physical sickness due to lack of vitamins and it’s gross. Here are the common causes of nail yellowing:

  • You had an ordinary polish on for too long- with chips and all. It’s advisable to remove the nail polish – especially those nails which are untreated with nail care coat before applying the polish- at least a week after you had them or as soon as chipping occurred.
  • They say when you want to know how healthy a person is, check out her hair and nails. Yellow nails are due to lack of certain vitamins in the body. Follow a healthy diet and you’ll be fine. Shiny & clear nails are evidence of healthy nails and healthy body.




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