15 Must Have Holiday Nail Art Designs

christmas_nails_by_ghostprincess91-d4pcmaa_600_400_-229638556Even to Hollywood celebrities, nails have become the hottest accessories. Statement-making nail art designs are today’s must-have fashion accessories–on and off the red carpet. Just in time for the holiday season, try these neat nail art designs to kick off your celebrations in style.

Simple Elegance in Red

Most ladies often go for nail art designs that are, simple, neat, clean and easy to maintain. This elegant holiday nail art design is perfect is you are aiming to give your nails a muted fabulous look of red tipped Santa hat inspired nails with shiny trimmings in holiday gold, silver and green tones.


The Classic Christmas Trimmings

Get the classic holiday trimmings incorporated in your holiday nail art. Treat your nails with an assortment cartoon or sketched style Christmas symbols. From snowflakes, to candy cane stripes, snowman to Christmas tree—this is a good way of loving your tips with a unique holiday tweak!


Get the Holiday Bling On

Get your nails blinged up this Christmas. This silver Christmas ball inspired nail art design is complete with delicate swirly patterns of blue and silver glittery goodness. To give this design a nice tweak, you can place some silver or crystal nail art gems on the tip of the swirls.


Snowballing Fun

Get in touch with your fond holiday memories with this frosted coloured snowball nail art design. On an elegant platinum base, this careful placement of colourful dots of festive green, red and white polish completes a holiday nail art that is worth a try.


Sexy Holiday Tips

The cracked nail polish treatment of this design gives an illusion of having an expensive animal skin finish on your nail art. Just in time for Christmas, try replacing your white French tips with this deep organic brown tone of cracked nail polish for your holiday nail art. The shimmery silver glitter lining beneath the brown cracked tips only adds glam to your usual tips. Complete the design by placing a silver poinsettia flower patterned nail art gems or inserts along the silver lining.


Fab Poinsettias

The festive red colour of poinsettia plant makes a nice inspiration for a holiday nail art. On a silver frosted base, red polish is used to create adorable poinsettia flowers on each nail. This nail art makes an elegant accessory to finish your holiday look with great sense of style.


Let Your Dorky Self Shine

The holiday season gives you the perfect excuse to have fun with your nail art. Get in touch with your fond dorky Christmas memories with this cartoonish Santa hat nail art. Talk about a statement nail piece, this nail art design screams “Merry Christmas” any way you look at it


Love for Santa

Whatever will Christmas be without Santa? This sparkly Santa inspired nail art should give you more reasons to hit the street in your merry mood, wearing a living holiday spirit with this very special nail art design. If you are looking for a perky but age-appropriate nail art design that appeals to having a fun and memorable Christmas, this is the one that you should get


Steal the Christmas Scene with the Grinch

Surely, there’s a part of you that wants to you to be a fabulous bad girl this Christmas. Get your nails done with this quirky yet uber stylish Grinch inspired nail art. Step up you’re A-game– wearing this nail art makes a great conversation piece so mingling during your long list of holiday parties would be really interesting.


Tweaks to Holiday Patterns

Are you one of those families who are fond of wearing Christmas sweaters during Christmas dinner? Then this nail art design is perfect for you. Get your mum, nana, sisters and all the other women in the house to try this nail art. Now this makes a good way of continuing wearing your Christmas traditions—but with more style! Let all the women in the family celebrate the holidays with bold, sexy, red nails and some pretty Christmas patterns!


Get Your Winter Style On

White Christmas. Wear it by getting this elegant nail art with shimmery silver tips and delicate snow lake patterns. If you want a stylish nail art that is easy to maintain and easily goes with any outfit, then this nail art design will keep your holiday look fashion forward.


Pink Christmas

Pink snow, pink Christmas tree—who knew? There’s no need to drop your love for pink with your holiday nail art. Try getting this pink-themed Christmas nail art and go get girly this holiday season.


Snowman Oh-Man!

Get your own Frosty snowman in your holiday nail art. Bring the beauty and feel of winter wonderland with this snowman-inspired nail art design


Go All Out Christmas

Want to try something new? Christmas is the best time to have fun with nail extensions. Try these adorable Christmas nail extensions to wrap up your holiday fashions with statement nail art



Bold, beautiful, nail art. Feel every inch a woman with this seriously edgy and envy-worthy nail art. Give your nails the ultimate nail art this holiday season. This nail art allows you to kick off your Christmas celebrations with the trendiest nail art this season.

Be bold, have fun and try something new. Christmas gives all you ladies the perfect excuse to give your nails some nice loving treatment. Make it count by getting these nail art designs done as you create fond memories for this year’s celebrations.



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