10 Metallic Nail Art Designs That You Should Try

mettalic-nail-art-1Nails that are fit for a queen. Metallic nail shades are the latest trend in nail art. Go on and wear some bold molten metal nail colours in your nail art. Be daring and take this chance to give your nails a shot of metal by trying out these top ten fabulous metallic nail art designs :

 1. Gray and beautiful


Who knew that silvery blue gray actually looks good on nails? This popular celebrity nail art design by OPI Push and Shove stays true to its reputation. Get your nails polished with this interesting gray shade and have it blinged up with studs. This simply suits all women who desire to be daring and bold with their nail art.

2. Chrome tips


Finish your lithium coloured nails with this edgy chrome tips. Chrome is the all the rage when it comes to metallic nails. If you don’t like your whole nails chromed up—then use it as a great finish to a well-manicured set of nails.

3. Studs and lots of sparkles


This sparkly spiked nail art can give your look an added edge. Using black or deep blue coloured base with a few coats of glittered nail polish, stud the ring finger nails and you can rock that outfit any way you like!

4. Shine bright in gold


This nail art that Demi Lovato rocked in a recent red carpet event made her shine bright in gold. The combination of black coloured base, gold tips, golden foil flakes and golden studs completed a metallic beauty that any fashionista would appreciate.

5. Geometric metals


This nail art design will school you on how to wear ‘geometry class’. The design used metallic shades of blue, red and silver with holographic nail strips to complete a real molten metal beauty with nail art.

6. Metal jailbait


Missus Fergalicious did it again with this totally edgy and easy-to-do metallic nail art. Try doing this at home with a base coat of cool metallic nail colour like silver. Over the dry base coat, paint thin stripes of a contracting nail colour like black or dark blue.

7. Metallic animal print


Now this nail art design gives a nice and bold suggestion on how to modernise and update your usual French tips. Apler applying metallic gold nail polish tips, work with a fine nail art brush to create animal prints like leopard prints or zebra prints using black nail polish. Once dry, apply top coat to give your nails a glossy finish.

8. Patriotic beauty


Feeling patriotic with your nail art? Then this 4th of July spin to American flag inspired nail art will give your nails a burning feeling of pride. On a bright red base colour, create American flag insired patterns and symbols using silver, black and white coloured nail polish and silver star studs.

9. Metallic mess of a beauty


With this nail art design, you can use all your beloved metallic nail lacquer shades. This mixture of molten metallic colour finishes an interesting nail art that will give your look the kind of accent that makes a fashionable statement. To create this crazy swirling metallic pattern, work with fine nail art brush. Once dry, apply top coat to keep the metal beauties sealed and polished.

10. Metallic snakeskin


Unleash your wild side. Recreate this remarkable snakeskin inspired nail art with a silver metallic nail polish. Work with your fine nail art brush and use black or other dark and natural coloured nail polish to create the snakeskin pattern.




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